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Experts recommend most children, teens and adults should get a medical eye exam once a year. It's important to get routine vision tests to make sure your eyes are healthy and your eyewear is appropriate for your needs.

Whelpley and Paul offers affordable medical eye exams in Rochester, NY. We will help you find the perfect glasses to fit your style and budget. We also offer affordable eye exams for contact lenses.

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What happens during a medical eye exam?

Whelpley and Paul makes it affordable and convenient for you to get an eye exam in Rochester, NY. Here's what to expect for your examination:

  • We'll check the internal and external health of your eyes.
  • We'll conduct a vision test to determine your prescription.
  • We'll take measurements of the size and shape of your eyes.

Depending on your preference for glasses, contacts or both, our optometrists will make expert care recommendations.

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